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Why Water?

Water is the most important nutrient necessary for the body to function properly. The human body is composed of over 60% water.Water cleanses the body of toxins and helps to circulate essential nutrients and oxygen to all your cells. Each person should try to drink 1/2  their body weight in ounces of water per day to stay well hydrated.It can be a difficult task at first but in a short time you will begin to feel a major change in your overall health.Some of the reults you will experience from optimal water intake are the following;

Skin becomes younger and healthier looking

Greater stamia and mental clarity

Prevention of  infections

Lose weight, build muscle and burn fat

Reduce pain in and lubricate joints and muscles

Decrease dizziness and headaches

Improve elimination and digestion

Decrease your risk of a heart attack

The following link will give you more information about the value of drinking water.

The Water Cure


Comments on: "Why Water?" (2)

  1. I agree that water is very important to our lives. Water is needed not only on humans and also all living things like plants, trees, animals….

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