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You may wonder what are the benefits of fasting besides feeling  hungry.I was surprised to find out myself how good it is for both your spirit and body.Fasting is a wonderful way to improve your health and draw closer to God.Some of the physical benefits of fasting are the fllowing;

1) Weight loss

2) Increases your energy

3) Cleanses your body of toxins

4) Improves hormonal balance and glandular health

5) Strengthens your natural defenses and immune system

6) Improves mental clarity

7) Stimulates Cell Growth

8) Makes you look and feel younger

9) Can heal minor health issues(sometimes major ones too)

10) Good Moods are elevated

There are many “Spiritual Benefits of Fasting” according to Maryiln Hickey.I could not have said it better so, I will direct you to this article she has written;

And Lastly I would like to share a video testimony of Doug’s experience with fasting.


Indoor Air Quality

I just read a great article on Jason Cairns’s blog about healthy houseplants that actually help to clean the air in your home.

It is a good idea to include some of these plants in you home decor,so you and your family will experience a healthier living environment.

Why Water?

Water is the most important nutrient necessary for the body to function properly. The human body is composed of over 60% water.Water cleanses the body of toxins and helps to circulate essential nutrients and oxygen to all your cells. Each person should try to drink 1/2  their body weight in ounces of water per day to stay well hydrated.It can be a difficult task at first but in a short time you will begin to feel a major change in your overall health.Some of the reults you will experience from optimal water intake are the following;

Skin becomes younger and healthier looking

Greater stamia and mental clarity

Prevention of  infections

Lose weight, build muscle and burn fat

Reduce pain in and lubricate joints and muscles

Decrease dizziness and headaches

Improve elimination and digestion

Decrease your risk of a heart attack

The following link will give you more information about the value of drinking water.

The Water Cure

Spiritual health!

I believe the single most important aspect of health is spiritual.Every person alive lives in a body and has a mind and a spirit.Our bodies will someday pass away, but our spirit will live forever.Making peace with God will change your physical and mental health dramatically. If you are not sure how to do that just pray and ask Him to help you. You will find that God is very real and able to make Himself known to you.The day I found this out for myself everything in my life changed and my spirit  became whole.Only then could I make a quest toward totalhealth in every area of my life.It has been a wonderful and exciting journey.